Is Your Infrastructure Ready For AI?

Without a doubt, AI has brought a massive transformation to analytics and how businesses utilize big data. By applying powerful AI to data, Best-in-Class organizations are quickly gaining vital insights to transform their business. As AI technologies leverage the cloud and integrate with other systems, utilizing AI is no longer reserved for the biggest and most tech-savvy companies. But if your business’s data infrastructure isn’t capable of scaling rapidly to drive AI-based analytics, your AI efforts could hit a dead-end. In this webinar, we’ll look at the challenges and pressures businesses face when implementing AI and managing the data infrastructures needed to handle the complexity and volume of data in a modern enterprise. We’ll also look at how leading organizations take advantage of end-to-end and powerful storage infrastructures to have smarter platforms that boost performance, increase scalability, and give businesses the capabilities to handle the most complex AI and analytics demands.

Analyst: Jim Rapoza Company: IBM